Get Your Roof Winter Ready!


Living in Scotland, we know how harsh the winter weather can be! We have made a checklist for you to tick off as we want to help you get roof ready for the colder months. Prevention is better than cure so ensuring all is in place before the winter begins will help to prevent the more serious problems.

✔ Guttering – Gutters are designed to direct water away from your roof to prevent mould and flooding. Get them cleared before the winter months brings a large fall of rain and snow!

✔ Repairs – If you have missing tiles, or damaged shingles it may not be causing you much trouble at the moment, but once the winter months hit your roof will be less able to withstand the bad weather as a result.

✔ Insulation – Getting your roof insulated won’t just help you to keep warmer this winter, it can also help you to prevent ceiling damage as when your ceiling is colder it is more susceptible to leaks, mould and other damage. Also start to heat your home regularly in the autumn months to prepare your roof for the winter. Your roof holds temperature so if you turn the heating up full blast in the winter months when it is already cold outside, it will do little to improve house temperature.