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Natural Slate is still regarded as the best and most desirable roofing material. Even with the advances in modern building products, roofing slate, when it is properly selected, worked and installed, may prove to be the most permanent part of any building.

Our experienced team of slaters have a vast and varied knowledge of this extremely durable, natural roofing material. We are skilled in crafting a variety of slates, from randomly sized Scottish West Highland, to more uniform slates such as Welsh and Spanish.

From the refurbishment of historical projects to contemporary new builds, the enduring, aesthetic qualities of natural slate make it the ideal roofing solution.
Tile roofing remains one of the premier roofing products available. Time tested worldwide for hundreds of years, with different styles and finishes, roof tiling has proven itself to be a long lasting and attractive product, whilst regular development has ensured roof tiling remains at the forefront of today’s construction industry.

Our roof tilers deliver an economical, efficient service, achieving superb results in impressively short timescales. We frequently use Redland and Marley products for standard projects and when a lightweight, traditional looking alternative is required we often recommend the Decra system.

Green Roofs
Flat Roofing
Green or garden roofs provide building owners and tenants with many ecological, technical and economic benefits and can transform virtually any flat or sloped roof into a landscaped environment.

Some of the advantages of green roofs include -

Enhances building's appearance
Adds space for tenant use and recreation
One answer to the "Urban Heat Island" problem
Stormwater management - retain 50%-90% of a typical rain fall on the roof
Improves building's energy efficiency
Processes airborne toxins and re-oxygenates the air
Creates therapeutic and peaceful environments

We are trained in various long-established and contemporary flat roof coverings such as single ply membranes, EPDM and built-up bituminous systems. We have valuable, practical experience of completing hugely varied projects of all scales in a region with legendary unpredictable climatic conditions.

ALWITRA - Manufacturers of the world’s most advanced single ply roofing system brings together every component necessary for the ultimate in innovative roof design with a life expectancy in excess of 25 years.

MACH 1 SYSTEM - Mach 1 is a single layer roofing system which can be mechanically fastened, ballasted or bonded with polyurethane adhesive and may be used on either insulation or un-insulated roofs.

EPDM roofing membranes have gained an outstanding track record and wide industry acceptance.

TORCH-ON SYSTEM - Our standard installation is a 3 layer built up system using thermo fusible bitumen impregnated felt; however we also offer a variety of other arrangements, spec’ed to your particular requirements.

We deliver the highest quality in Lead Flashings and Lead Roofing, providing a lasting protection and an attractive finish for historic and contemporary buildings of all scales. Our full time team of specialists design, assemble and fit made to order installations in our workshop and on site creating precise and efficient solutions every time. Lead is 100% recycled, making it one of the most sustainable products in the building industry.
We cover the entire spectrum of stonework repair, utilising traditional materials to preserve the integrity of buildings. We specialise in all types of lime work such as pointing & plastering and all our work completed to the highest possible standard.

Fibre Cement Slates
Guttering, Fascias and Soffits
Marley Eternit slates & Rivendale fibre cement slates offer economic, environmental and aesthetic appeal for projects of all sizes.
We carry out every scale of job from small repairs to complete replacement -

All types of cast iron and PVC-U guttering systems
Traditional timber or ROOFLINE PVC-U fascias, soffits and bargeboards, which offers a natural finish or a zero maintenance solution

Profile Sheeting and Cladding
Shingles & Shakes
We offer a speedy, economical service and have vast experience using a wide range of profiled metal, cement fibre and polycarbonate sheeting on a variety of projects from large scale warehouses, schools, industrial and agricultural buildings to smaller sized buildings including house extensions, garages and stables.
The most commonly used wood for shingles and shakes is western red cedar as it’s a durable, decay-resistant wood with a strong resistance to weather.

Shingles, the thinner of the two, have smooth, sawn surfaces, whilst shakes may be either sawn or hand-split for a more rugged appearance. Shingles are expected to last up to 25 years and shakes up to 50 years. For a rustic, beautiful roof this natural product may be the roofing solution for you.

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